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Rich, while I do understand they will not nor could not have a task force to effectivly enforce this. But one call from a crappy neighbor and they can come and confiscate you pets, They don't care if it is mass removal or one by one. For them they would probably prefer the one by one, so they can make an example out of you and talk you down like your some freak.

I can picture it now. "Police were called to Ed_r's house and confiscated 22 snakes and reptiles. Officers were severly bitten but some smaller snake, not known if they are PIOSONUS" then commentary on what a freak he must be for keeping such animals.

Well we had our meeting last night, and of course this was first and foremost on importance. The Alderman are all being bombed with snail mail and email. There have been reports of emails being bumped back. For those that are not you may be catching it when they are cleaning out the email. They are getting concerned about now sticking their foot in their mouth starting this. From what we are told this issue will go to commitee on August 24th. CHS will have numerous representatives present, possibly me too. This effort is very well thought out and very well organized. The president of CHS Lori King has been in direct contact with Alderman Burke's office pretty much daily. The Alderman are getting way more than they bargained for with this.

Support from outside of Chicago does carry an awful lot of wieght. Keep the letters and emails coming! From what I was told many if the letters and emails may not be read entirely, this is no reason for unprofessional letters and emails. Keep all letters and emails professional, and factual. We all don't want to come across and 3rd grade educated tattoo'd freaks. If the do write a snail mail letter, put on the outside of the envelope a subject of the animal ban, in case your letter doesn't actually get read, at least they know the subject of the leter is the ban, so it won't get as lost in the shuffle.

As it has been said, maybe not directly, but This WILL effect everyone eventually. If we win it will make it that much easier to defeat this when it comes to your city or state. At the rate things are going it WILL reach your state in due time. On the downside if this passes here, it will be that much easier to push it through in your city.

From what I understand, how this went though in NY is there was no dangerous animals act in place at all, so they felt something needed to be done. IL DOES have a dangerous animals act in place, so there is no reason to re-invent the wheel at city level.

Lori was telling us that the Aldermen are very surprised at the response from people out of the city, and out of state. This is really making them think about this. Also the Alderman agreed to have a face to face meeting with us(CHS) if this gets passed commity, before it would get voted into law. So there 'could' be a second chance to save out herps, if common sense doesn't prevail the first time around.

Keep the support coming!!! Thank You ALL for your help!!!
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