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A wish list that will one day be accomplished.

1.2 A. sinensis
1.2 C. latirostris
1.2 C. yacare
1.1 M. niger
I need two females of P. palpebrosus
Two females of this species as well P. trigonatus
1.1 C. acutus
1.2 C. cataphractus
2.2 (My favorite) C. intermedius
1.1 C. mindorensis
1.2 C. moreletii
1.1 C. novaeguineae
2.2 (Another favorite) C. palustris
I need a female C. porosus
1.1 C. rhombifer
1.1 C. siamensis
1.2 O. tetraspis
1.1 T. schlegelii
2.2 (Who doesn't love Gharials?) Gavialis gangeticus
Either sex of O. Hannah, No intentions of breeding.
1.4 M. euryxanthus, Heck Ill take 1.2 of all Micruroides species.
Um.. I think that covers it.
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