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Some of my wishlist is already on deposit: a trio of Kathy Love's Okeetee corn snakes, a trio of albino (AKA reverse) Okeetee corn snakes and a pair of rosy (hypomelanistic) corn snakes.

There are some things I don't have that I really want:

1. A pair of those bright orange bearded dragons. A site I came across called them "super orange." They're just beautiful and I really love the look of the beardies.

2. A really nice pair of Blair's phase gray-banded kingsnakes. (Who doesn't want them? It's a shame they're hard to start.)

3. A pair of red milksnakes. (Yes, they're cheap, but I find them very beautiful.)

4. Some California king morphs. I like the lavender- and banana-colored ones and the 50/50 dark and light the best. Of course, there are so many morphs to chose from, it would be hard.

I could go on and on. I would love more corn morphs, perhaps a blizzard that was solid white. A savannah monitor. A rainbow boa. A tangerine Honduran milk...they're all lovely.

But as I learned when I was in aviculture, you can't have it all. I think that's especially true with intelligent parrots that demand so much attention.

The only thing that keeps me from getting a beardie is the relatively short life span of 7-10 years, although I still want one. I tend to purchase long-lived animals as pets. My snakes could live to be twenty years old. My Amazon parrot could outlive me.
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1.1 Arizona mountain kingsnakes (Chris Baubel and Gerold Merker)
1.1 Louisiana milksnakes (John Yurkovich)
1.2 Okeetee corns (Kathy Love)
1.1 albino Okeetee corns (Kathy Love)
1.0 hypo crimson corn (Kathy Love)
0.1 hypo corn / het for ghost (Kathy Love)
1.0 double-yellowheaded Amazon parrot
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