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I figured this would be a fun topic...we all know that once you get one herp, it's hard to stop. So, money issues aside. As the topic says, this is a wishlist. What would you add to your current collection if you could have all the herps you want? (I'm keeping mine to what's possible with the space I don't have to).

Personally, right now (and this changes on a monthly basis if not more)...

1 Savannah Monitor
1 Blue Tongued Skink
1 Jungle Runner (aka Amevia)
1.3 Stimpson's Pythons
1.3 Spotted Pythons
Some Ball Pythons
1 Blood Python
1 Brazilian Rainbow Boa
1 Tangerine Faze Honduran Milksnake
1 Hypomelanistic Blood Red Cornsnake
1 Black Thayeri Kingsnake
1 Rose Haired Tarantula
1 Giant Millipede

I'm sure there's more, but I don't want to take up this entire thread with my wishlist! What's yours?

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