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>sorry bout ur loss mate, but congrats on ur new snakes-how long did ur milksnake live 4? they r my fav snakes but im not allowed 2 hav 1 >

The milksnake that died lived 24 hours in my care. There are no herp vets close or I would have taken her. I felt that another long trip would do her in. It probably would have. Mostly, I tried to leave her alone. I did try to get her to drink. She only drank one mouthful. When I saw how weak she was I misted the enclosure so she could at least drink that way. I was up all night worrying about her. She showed great improvement the following day, then suddenly died.

I really like the little Louisianas, too. I have been told that milksnakes aren't good for handling, but my seventeen-inch male doesn't know that. He's actually quite curious about what I'm doing. He's still timid, but when he's curious, I see his head poking out of his hidey spot. I've even caught him watching the moving figures on the TV set, his head elevated off the ground like a cobra's. He's very cute. He's the snake wrapped around my hand in my avatar.

The nine-inch female is very timid and so nervous I think she needs to be left alone most of the time. I do handle her some. She usually runs from me when I go to pick her up and at first she tried to get away the whole time I handled her. Now, she stays mostly calm within my hands. She did bite me once, but a bite from a nine-inch non-venomous snake is rather laughable. Of course, I'm sure it was very serious for her, having this huge looming human holding her.

Can you imagine what life in the wild must be like for young Louisiana milks? You hatch out at a mere five inches and if you're lucky enough to live to a year old, you're still only nine or ten inches. Everything considers you dinner. That's why little milksnakes are so spooky.

In time she'll be as mellow as Bayou. I have no doubt. Milksnakes just need to grow into it.
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