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I was in my room last night on the phone, when I noticed a whole army of ants crawling on the door frame over my closet. We've been battling ant for a few months. At any given time, there are a few scouts wandering around my room, but I don't keep food in my room so it's not a problem usually.

I traced the horde of ants to this little hole along the floor boards right by the rack where I keep my snakes and lizard. I wondered where they could possibly be going in such large numbers. I saw that they were going to my bookshelf. Strange, I thought. I had a couple of candy bars there, but they were wrapped. I started moving stuff out of the way when to my horror I realized what attracted them. MY BOX OF CRICKETS!!! I was so disgusted, I grabbed it and dumped out the container outside. There were still a few struggling crickets in the box, but they were attacked and subdued by the now disturbed ants.

I could not believe it! They must be desperate, damned ants! I know that the crickets were going to die anyway, but that's so so horrible!
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