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My concerns are numerous. First of all, if it gets passed in one state, it won't be long before it is enacted in most if not all states. Second, what will happen to the people who keep reptiles as pets? Will they be grandfathered in? Will they have their animals taken from them? Will they have to move just to be allowed to keep their animals? And if so, how many can conceivable afford to move, as in finding a similar job in another state, not to mention kids, etc? And third, what about all the animals? Put to sleep? Can't be that many zoos, educational facilitues, etc in Chicago. This is very disturbing to me. Did this all start with the monkeypox that was introduced by the prairie dogs? Whether it was or not, it seems to me that it is not the fault of the prairie dogs, it's the fault of the importers. THAT'S where the laws need to be made or changed. Require veterinary exams, blood tests, quarantine periods, etc on all imports. Don't punish the animals and the poeple who love them for something that neither one had any control over. I'm telling you, if they introduce that in NC, I would have to move before I could lose my animals. Of course, that could lead to a move every couple of years, if this goes all across the US. Sickening, makes me feel ill to think that this might actually get passed into law.
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