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Thanks to everyone for your comments. Losing this snake hit me pretty hard, harder than I thought it would. I didn't care about the money. I was mostly quite upset about what had happened to the beautiful young milksnake.

I contacted the owner of the store and told him that I'd gone over and over the event in my mind and that I felt strongly the stress from the regurgitation had pushed her over the edge. I also informed him that if he felt differently, he should do what he thought was best.

The man came through for me. He referred me to a milksnake breeder in my area and I came home with a very beautiful yearling cost to me. The proprietor of the store set everything up. I love the tiny little creature, though at nine inches she'd be barely a snack for my male. I've named her "Bijou" which is "jewel" in Cajun. Like most young milksnakes she's a bit shy, but she's eating well, having already consumed two meals.

I've also found quite a resource in the local kingsnake / milksnake breeder. He sold me about two hundred frozen mice for a mere $50. I also acquired a pair of beautiful Arizona mountain kings from him. He and his friend in Lodi have really come through.

Of course, none of this can bring back the beautiful milksnake. I'll chalk it up as a learning experience. Never again will I transport a snake with a full stomach. And you can bet you booty I'll be very careful about heat, too.
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