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My oppinion is ITs GOOD to house them together .. As long as u Quarantine b4

Sorry Grant but I completly disagree on that// I keep a lot of my snake together in cages and have never EVER had any problems with it. I personally feel that it gives them company. (i know most are solatary animals but .. mine are almost always together .. for example .. My two coastal are in a 7 x 2 half x 2 half .. and they always perch TOGETHER .. there is enough room for them but they seem to trully enjoy each others company.. as for contracting sicknesses .. u are right although that should not happen in the first place if the animal is properly kept..

My oppionion is 2 HEALTHY snakes can be house together without any problems if properly kept.. This has nothing to do with being to cheap and not being able to afford cages ( I have enough for all of them as they are seperated 2 month before the cooling season).

Sorry just me rambling on! It may not be better but iT is not worst either...

1.3 Coastals 6.6 Jungles
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1.1 Yellow condas 0.1 Sebea

**looking for female Bredl's python**
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