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Got my Sudan via UPS >:(

Well, I finally got my sudan plated lizard via UPS today. I can't really say how he is, because I don't want to disturb him too much.

I almost cried when I got the package, I was so mad. The business that sold him to me sent him from the East coast to the West coast in an unmarked brown box with very few air holes that were obviously punched haphazardly (sp?) with a pen. How hard could it have been to write "fragile" or "this end up" or "handle with care" if not "live animal"?

Needless to say, the little guy was terrified. I actually thought he was dead, he was cold and not moving. I came straight home and put him in his new home. He stuck his tongue out a few times and blinked, so I think he's ok, although he did not move for an hour and half, literally motionless. I went back to work and now I'm back at home, and he's in his hide box.

I'm sure he's fine. I have to schedule a vet trip for him after he gets adjusted. Poor little thing! I'll send pics as soon as I can! I am excited to have him, but I'm still a little perterbed at the way he arrived.

I have three names picked out, but I'll have to see his personality. Fritz, Bogart, and Giacamo. So far he does not look like a Fritz, he's anything but "Fritzy" if you know what I mean!
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