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A sad day indeed. I remember when Rick (Mudboy) first got here a couple of months back. Him and I quickly got into a heated arguement over WC Jungle Carpets vs line-bred CB ones. After 10 emails, a dozen PM's and some choice words, we became the best of friends! No joke. I would seriously talk to that guy 5-10 times a day about snakes, life, alcohol, the beach, and everything else that matters! It felt like I knew Richard for years, and not months.

I never met anyone that I saw eye-to-eye on with everything, except Rick (well, save for the Jungle arguement we had, ha ha). He would PM me and tell me that he just read a post of mine that he really liked, or I would email him and tell him to reply to a post because I knew the answer, but I just couldn't word it properly in my head. That's the kind of stuff we did every day for like 2 months straight. He forgot more about herps that I know. I miss that guy already. He was goign to be the first person I met when I finally take my trip Down Under.

My heart goes out to Lisa and his son Richard, both wonderful people as well.

Rest in Peace Rick. We're all thinking about you, and will continue to for a long long time. You had a profound effect on this herp community, and we're much better for it.

Jeff Favelle
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