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Gee, I finally got around to reading this thread, and look what I've been missing out on...

My opinions, for anyone who wants to take the time to read them:

1) No, we shouldn't pick on people who are sharing their experience, or lack of it, but it is reasonable to point out things that need to be pointed out.

2) Yes, this is a very useful feeding trick. No one who uses it is a beginner/idiot/etc.

3) The poster ONLY JUST realized that he could use this trick to feed snakes with heat sensors. He should have known this BEFORE acquiring a ball python, but perhaps we can forgive this since balls are often an impulse purchase at pet shops.

4) Personally, I couldn't forgive that he didn't know this before getting a copperhead and a pygmy rattlesnake. This qualifies him as '40 Watt' in my opinion, whether he is a rapper or not.

5) Hopefully someone passed along to him that if you put the rodent in a plastic bag (reused milk bags work well as they are thicker plastic) and immerse the plastic bag (not the opening, obviously), then the rodent will be warmed but still dry. In my experience, balls and many others prefer their prey dry.

6) A handy trick if the prey item cools down, the water just isn't hot enough, or the bag leaks and it gets wet, is to keep a hair dryer nearby to blow dry the rodent. Works like a charm for stubborn balls.

7) Being dry eliminates the problem of shavings sticking to wet rodents. Sometimes shavings stick to dry rodents, though. Personally, I don't like to feed anything on shavings if I can avoid it. We use newspaper, or feed in a separate container.

8) I suppose that what the original poster said could have helped someone out, though I hope that most people 'just starting out' would do at least some basic research on the internet or *gasp* read a book, and get past this stage. Preferably before they acquire venomous snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, I hope they NEVER acquire venomous snakes unless they have a profound justification for doing so. In my opinion, they should not be kept as pets.

Happy herping,

Jeff Hathaway
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