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I currently (July 27, '03) have in my collection:

1.2 Guyanese BCC
1.1 Jamaican Boas
1.1 Brazilian Rainbow Boas
1.2 Ball Pythons
1.1 Borneo STP
1.1 Rosy Boas
0.1 Hog Isle Boa
0.1 Colombian BCI
0.1 Secret snake
0.1 Green Iguana
1.0 Horned Frog
0.3 Leos
0.0.1 Redfoot Tortoise

I also keep some other animals, warmblooded and invert. I used to work at Kris' Reptiles and Travelling Exotics Roadshow uip until the past couple months. They are closing down to open a zoo, hence I got laid off Hopefully will be working soon though 'cause funds are really tight!
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