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I figured that's what you were talking about, Christina, but i specified in my post that that person was on a completely different message board!!! NOT at ssnakess.

I think that most problems and arguments here come from people misunderstanding other people's posts. That's not a personal attack against you, just a statement of fact. I'd never respond to somebody here with that. If you go back and reread the forum, you'll see that that person doesn't post here. I posted it in much the same vein that we all post silly reptile-related stories, like alligators breaking through glass. Someone made a joke about the guy in the alligator article who swung a piece of wood at the gator...was that offensive? Should we not joke about anything? Again, I'm not trying to be mean here with my questions, I just think we need to allow some sense of humor and sarcasm on the boards, especially since none of this was directed at any member of ssnakess.
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