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While I agree with most of the statements thus far, I think the term "bashing" needs some definition. Yes, the groundless, condecending responses to newbie Q's have no place on any forum that serves as an educational tool. But at the same time, I feel that irresponsible or unethical behaviour needs to be dealt with aggressively.

As lilcreep mentions, our hobby is threatened by powers that are, for the most part, beyond our influence. It is only by setting a respectable and responsible example that we can hope to sway public opinion. Unity is definitely vital at this point.

As keepers with experience, we need to be more patient with and tolerant of the silly questions. The people just wetting their feet in the hobby also represent it's future. If they get off to a bad start now, the hobby will have no future outside institutions.

I've read several posts where people feel that some of us are taking things too seriously. It is my belief that, in many cases, we aren't taking things seriously enough.

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