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I can see your point about “bashing.” Its not normally the way I do things, and some of what I said me be edited later. I don’t know. I did call that old guy a fool, but his brainless babbling about me teaching people to free hand and claiming I can dodge an adder strike were just so unfounded and ridiculous, that word came to mind. His quote about having Steve Erwin beat me up was so preposterous, that it was funny. I thought the main stream would get a good laugh out of it, as did I. So I posted it in the larger forum, some laughed, but some cried. I don’t know why? I still think it’s funny. My view points on certain things are in the minority, so that leads to debates. I think I am right and I attempt to convince others I am thru facts and conclusions. Does that make me problematic? I think that would be subjective. Should I be banned because I stand my ground with I disagree? There should be more of a sense of community among all herpers. I agree with that full heartedly, but if you insult me, rest assured you will get it back. You can call that immature, childish or any other dispersion you wish, but it is the order of things. I will learn from anyone who wishes to teach, I will educate anyone who wishes to learn, I will debate anyone who wishes to debate, and I will throw stones to anyone who wishes to throw stones. That is my platform, and I make no apologies to anyone that offends. I believe that is a just position to take.
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