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The key objective is to remember the new member. If a new member joins to gain knowledge, then that is what they should recieve. They shouldn't be subjected to ridicule because they are ignorant to the species that they keep. They join these forums so that they can learn about the species and offer the proper care. Democrasy has nothing to do with moderating the behavior of members. It is about helping the newbie to learn so that their reptile survives. Bashing isn't democrasy and has nothing to do with free speech. It is ignorance reflecting through words. If 2 adults can't debate without turning to name calling then they shouldn't be debating that issue. It is then apparent that they are not mature enough to discuss certain topics with one another. It takes the lesser of the 2 too start the bashing. It takes the more mature of the 2 to walk away and tell the other that the topic is closed for discussion!
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