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Re: negative posts

This web sites whole main purpose is becoming way out of context.
I am starting to wonder if it is turning into a bashing soap opera here.
Unfortunately I am starting to notice that when newbie snake/reptile owners come in and discover new things in the learning process or ask simplified questions they are being shot down called names and taken completely way out of context.
There is alot of us here with extensive knowledge on herp keeping and that is great! We enjoy sharing and helping others becoming interested in the hobby on a positive manner.
There are others in here who seem to find it fun to just bash.
IF all you want to do is bash and not read/learn and share back off because it is starting to become very annoying to the people here that are very serious and enjoy this hobby.
****In regards to the person who was the latest recipient of such behaviour I do apologise. I read over your post and congratulations on figuring out and resolving the issue you had. Now you can enjoy your snakes with a little less stress.****
****My thanks to Jeff and all of the moderators here that work hard to keep this site going and I would really not like to see it lose its credibillity due to this behaviour. You all work hard to keep it running and allow us to be a community that helps making our hobby enjoyable and sociable.
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