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Hate to do this to you Mike, but here's a couple of sentences from the original post- "look at so many colubrid species that have been hybridized, and are supported. Especially so when creating new morphs, outcrossing to different subspecies. " I believe that Linds was specifically referring to hybridization between species (with a reference to doing so to 'import' a specific recessive gene for a colour morph). Subsequent replies sort of hijacked the thread into a discussion about morphs, etc.

I'll reiterate my concern with this:

"many snake HYBRIDS are actually fertile, unlike many other hybrid animals such as mules. These animals can be bred, sold, released, etc. with possibilities for harm if people are not very careful. 3 or 4 generations down the road, when there are thousands of 'Jungle Corns' floating around, will all of the new owners be so careful? I doubt it."

How far down the road can you ensure that people will be careful, will tell the truth, or will even know enough about the differences to care?

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