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I personally do not think you have to keep a snake only for the "challange" and some sort of silly thought about how it could hurt you. I feel that is a really small side of herping and frnakly, I don't care how much a snake takes to work with. If I like the species, I don't worry about what humans think.
That is cool. Everyone keeps for different reasons. Maybe you have hectic life and like boring snake to mellow you out. That is a good reason as well.

I dunno, that sounds like a reason NOT to keep a hot. When/if I keep hots (I don't count my hognose as a hot) it won't be for the thrill and excitment them being venomous, that's just a macho response for being insuffiant elsewhere.
Umm, that was a joke. Notice the Ha hA part? I was simply picking on Jenn. But if anyone tells you that working hots isnít more exciting then colubrids, then they are lying. Itís a whole new world.

BTW, Chuck, you can't courier herps into Canada (legally, that is).
I am above the law! =)

That is a BEAUTIFUL cobra Chuck.
Thanks, she defiantly is. You can see this very cobra and others on display at Animal Adventures in Bristol, VA.
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