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Actually, I have recieved shipments via most of them. Airborne, UPS, and FedEx. If asked, most will say that shipping live reptiles is against POLICY. (but not illegal). It is, however, my understanding that shipping them via USPS is illegal. A huge % of US dealers ship either UPS or FedEx, and as long as they are sent in insulated well ventilated packaging should be o.k. The idea is to get the pkg. to the shipper (although bigger guys have pick-up) just before their last afternoon pick up and lessen the time in their hands. That way, if it is scheduled to arrive before 10:30 am, it will only be a matter of 12- 15 hrs total. My exp. have been satisfactory. Big ticket items and such, I would use Delta Dash or Northwest Air Cargo. I have heard some good things LATELY about NW, but have yet to use them myself.
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