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KG3 touched on an important point- there is a world of difference between:
morphs- different colour/pattern phases of the same species, either naturally occurring (in the wild) or 'artificially' through selective breeding
intergrades- subspecific interbreedings which commonly occur in the wild, especially where ranges overlap (i.e. yellow X black ratsnakes = 'greenish' rat snakes, naturally occurring intergrade)
hybrids- the results of two entirely different SPECIES being mated together, which generally does not happen in the wild, though there are exceptions.

A particular concern I have is that many snake HYBRIDS are actually fertile, unlike many other hybrid animals such as mules. These animals can be bred, sold, released, etc. with possibilities for harm if people are not very careful. 3 or 4 generations down the road, when there are thousands of 'Jungle Corns' floating around, will all of the new owners be so careful? I doubt it.

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