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Bartman, glad to hear you won't be collecting!

V.hB- when they first created fishing licenses in Ontario in the '90s, they made it so that kids did not need a license, nor retirees. Both groups that have lots of time to go fishing, but perhaps not a lot of money to spend on a license. Probably a political decision, in reality.

chondropython- the age factor for not needing a license only applies to fishing licenses, and therefore only to snapping turtles and bullfrogs for herps.

Lisa- hunting & collecting are technically the same thing under the Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act. 1 license (fishing or hunting as applicable) covers both. Neither a fishing license nor a small game license allows the collecting of specially protected reptiles/ amphibians. The only things that allow the collection of SP herps are Authorizations to collect SP herps for the purpose of keeping in captivity, and Authorizations to collect SP herps for research purposes.

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