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colubrid vs. boid PART 2!!!!!!!

OKay, here is something else to discuss along the same lines as the first post of colubrids and boids discussion...

Is breeding out normal phases of boas/pythons for more "designer" phases not the same as what is happening with corns? For example, there are people that are breeding for patternless and albino and "het this" and "het that" for pythons and boas. How is that different that people breeding variations of corns? or is it different at all? the corn snake, if I'm not mistaken, has been bred together so much that it has created different colour variants (such as motley, creamsicle, snow, etc etc etc...). If you take a species such as the ball python, you can have someone that has taken recessive genes, made them dominant and matched them with other snakes with similar genes, etc... THAT IS THE SAME THING!!!! Those that breed corns are doing the same thing.

I don't pretend to be a master of genetics in snakes. However, I do believe personally that what is going on with the pythons/boas of hte world isn't much different then the colourbrids. You are breeding for genetic variations which suggests the price you sell hte offspring at...that is the exact same thing that corn breeders are doing...

Cheers all, and have a great day!
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