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in reptiles i currently own:
1.8 leopard geckos
1.0 ball python
1.1 boa constrictors
0.1 mali uromastyx
1.1 bearded dragons
Caledonian crested gecko
1.0 green iguana
2 red ear sliders
0.1 smooth fronted caiman
savannah monitor
1.1 california king snakes
1.3 corn snakes
rose hair tarantula
0.2 Chinese water dragons
3 hermit crabs
albino pacman frog
2 giant African land snails

I also have a variety of exotic mammals which include rare cats, a prairie dog, mynah bird, cockatiel, Egyptian spiny mice, African pygmy mouse and a mountain coatimundi

on average i spend about $70 - 85 a week on feeding all my animals including some dogs (not the horse), feeder rodents are in this pricing as i raise my own, this does not include vet bills which do pop up occassionaly.

LOL i spend less on people food a week!!
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