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I have a small little collection.

0.1 Tokay gecko
1.2 African dwarf frogs
2.0 Firebellied toads
0.0.1 Web-footed gecko
1.0 Domestic fluffy cat

My costs fluctuate. Every month I spend $25 on crickets at the petstore (I'm looking for a supplier online that's cheaper). Every few months I have to buy more brine shrimp and bloodworms for the dwarf frogs, and of course, there's cat litter and food, which actually costs me less in the long run because I buy in bulk. *grin*

I want to get a snake in the future, hopefully some sort of colubrid, but I'm not sure how much I will have to spend on mice and it might start to get too expensive. I'm planning on getting a crested gecko, too, and that might be a little easier on the wallet.

My little webfooted gecko is the pride of my collection, it's so cute! I don't know many people who own these little guys and I wonder why, because they're not that hard to care for and are so interesting to watch at night.
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