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Heh Remsin I hear ya! And am very jealous of some of the members here.

Anyway to answer your questions:

I own:
1.2 adult Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons (paid a total of $575 for them)
1.0 baby Irian Jaya Carpet Python (value of about $225)
2.1 baby Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons (for sale) (value of about 700$)
0.1 Colombian Red-Tailed Boa ($125 as a baby, she is now sub adult)
1.0 Ambanja Blue Panther Chameleon ($175)
0.1 Sudan Plated Lizard ($30)
1.4 Hypo/Tang Leopard Geckos (value ranging from $100-$250 each)

I'm not sure how much I spend - but its a lot!

I work a crappy job at $10 an hour, but I don't have to pay rent or food or anything so I can spend everything (or almost) on my herps!

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