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I'm still trying to figure out why people keep creating all these morphs. Whats wrong with what nature created?
Nature creates hybrids all the time. I have an intergraded black and yellow rat snake that I collected from the wild in Horry County SC. Do you think Noah had 2 of every snake in the world on the ark? I donít think so. I believe he had 1.1 constrictors and 1.1 venomous and the many species we have today derived from those 4 snakes thru many generations of adaptation (natural selection) and then hybridizing back together. Right now in the western United State the Mojave Rattle snake is crossing the the Western Diamond back on a regular basis. This is creating a new and VERY dangerous hybrid in the wild. The Mojave has a very toxic Neurotoxic venom, but by nature he injects only a small amount. This new hybrid carries the type A venom but injects massive amounts. FYI
__________________ 2.2 Crotalus adamanteus. 2.2 Crotalus h. atricaudatus. 2.2 Crotalus h. horridus. 1.1 Agkistrodon p. piscivorus. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. contortrix. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. mokasen. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. laticinctus. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. pictigaster. Agkistrodon c. phaeogaster. 1.2 Sistrurus miliarius barbouri. 1.1 Micrurus fulvius. 0.0.1 Micrurus fulvius tenere
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