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I have:

1.0 Burmese python (Bandula)
0.1.1 Leopard geckos (Girl and 'Baby')
1.0 African Plated Lizard (Dahli)
0.1.2 Red-Eared Sliders (Bo, Bubbles and Scooter)
1.0 Iguana (Iggy)
1.0 Water Dragon (Agua)
0.1 Bullsnake (unnamed)

Since I run a rescue many animals come and go, but these are my pets. I just got the bullsnake the day before yesturday and she's adorable! I will probably find her a home though!

The way I break down my costs may be a little different; I get animals at last minute's notice, adoption fees recover some of my own money that I've spent making animals well, and vet bills are through the roof!

Annually I would estimate my spendings to be around $9,000.00. In between caring for my own animals, rescues, food, heating, electricity bills, etc. Not that bad I guess, but it could be better! Like Lilyskip, I am a college student and I have a part time job, (18 hrs. a week @6.75 per hour... Ouch!) That barely covers my car insurance, gas and food for myself and my pets!
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