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3.5 Green Tree Pythons(1.1 Sorongs / 2.3 Biaks / 0.1 Manokwari)
1.3 Guyanan Red Tail Boas(ready to breed this fall)
0.1 Emerald Tree Boa(gorgeous large female...looking for a male)
1.1 Tanimbar Scrub Pythons(picking up another 1.2 next week)
5.12 Ball Pythons (various normals & hets)
1.2 Black Milk Snakes(one of the favorites in my collection)
1.1 Peublan Milk Snakes
1.1 Greybanded King Snakes(Alterna Phase)
2.3 Amelanistic Corn Snakes

Costs for me are minimal actually... I breed all my own rats and mice and sell quite a few of them as well to finance the colony. I'm a carpenter, so caging is fairly cost effective as I build all my own enclosures. The only real cost each year, besides hydro (couple hundred a month) is the addition of new animals periodically, which is usually a few thousand each year, adding new bloodlines or different species I want to work with. So far this year, it's around $6000 to $7000 on new animals, with about $35-$40 k invested overall in the last three years.
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