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Well, let's see. Right now we have:

1.2 Veiled chameleons
1.1.2 Crested geckos
6.5.13 Vorax geckos
1.1.3 Leopards
1.0 Henkel's leaf tail
1.1 Fire skinks
1.0.2 Spider geckos
1? Blue tongued skink
several hundred misc inverts

We are trying to cut down the population these days as well. It has been higher than this in the past. While we do save all herp related receipts, I haven't bothered to tally them up. We do this for personal enjoyment and self education. What little we make from the sale of offspring goes back into maintenance. Neither of us makes a lot of $$, so it can be a challenge at times.

One thing that helps us sustain a project this size is our dedication to finding cost effective alternatives. We end up paying around 1/4 to 1/3 of retail to keep our animals. We have found other sources for virtually everything our herps require. The only item we have to buy from a pet store is supplements.

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