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It's that kind of thing that really bothers me about the way reptile mishaps are written up. Like some cheap voiceover for a cheesy godzilla movie.
I agree with you 100%, they always have to put a dangerous spin on it, even when there is no danger. This gater broke out and was leaving the scene. The man with the tree branch did nothing! That gater meant no harm to those kids. I get so hacked off when I read this kind of crap.
What, they don't have non idiot zookeepers in sweeden? Who the heck would swim with an alligator!
Well they are idiots in the fact that they kept these animals in an enclosure they could breakout of. I would have to assume that if they have sub-adult gaters behind glass they can break, they would also have sub-adult nile or salty crocs in the same glass. A 2 m salty may well have made a meal of those youngsters. But as to your question, I have swam with them, and most of the people in the states of FL, LA, and MS have. They are usually around, even when you do no see them. For the most part they mean no harm to people, however, an exaggerated specimen did kill a kid earlier this year, so attacks do occasionally happen.
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