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I also cut back on my collection, jus because I started getting away from normal leos, but right now I have about 41 leos, 5 fat tails, 14 bearded dragons, 1 newt, 1 tree frog, and a blue tongue skink. I also have a cocatiel and a ferret for non herps.
I can't even imagine and don't really want to know what I spend on my herps a year. lol, It would be too depressing.
But just the insect food alone, monthly, cost me about $300( that cost is much higher when I have baby beardies to feed) and that doesn't inclued vitamins, calcium, parazap, salads for the dragons and skink, baby foods, bottled water because I wont use town water, treats like the occasional wax worms or pinkies, dog food for my skink, fecals, vet visits, or any meds they may have to have if something is found at the vet, and god knows I am probably misssing something else in there. lol.
That is the best I can do for an estimate. I wouldn't want to sit down and calculate it out or I might run the other way. lol
I use terra cotta dishes and finger bowls for calcium water and mealies for the geckos and large terra cottas for salads or mealies or supers for the other herps. I use paper towel or news paper for substrate and get most of my furnishings from dollar store and make my own hides and branches. I also use coaconut hides for the geckos because they are cheap and cute.
I use rubber maid containers for most of the geckos as well, easy to clean, cheap and effecient.
I have also been building new cages for them and moving them to the basement working on spending at least a grand there. But they are all worth it!! And I can't wait till it is done so I can stop spending on enclosures and spend more on them.
or me. lol, eventually I want a pair of albino fatties.
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
'believe me I know!!'

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