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I had to cut back my collection. Not so much because of money, but because of obligations. I have two daughters who are getting older. They always have something going on that I need to be involved in, particularly during the school year. I also have two cats and a dog. The dog is turning 2 years old this week, but when she was a puppy and was a lot of work was when I cut down on my collection.
As far as money goes, decorating enclosures for me is always done as cheaply as possible. I do not use the naturalistic method. Substrate for everyone is usually paper towels or newspaper, because it's cheap! My leo's water dishes and calcium dishes are peanut butter jar lids, not fancy bowls from the pet store. You get the idea. My favorite herp, my blue tongued skink, is the cheapest herp to feed. He eats right out of my fridge or cupboard. I find the insectivores to be the most expensive to feed. You gotta order insects on line. They are too expensive at the pet stores. Yes, keeping herps is an expensive hobby. But there are ways to cut the costs. Turtles, tortoises, and terrestrial lizards can be kept in large rubbermaid tubs, as opposed to expensive tanks or expensive enclosures. Just clip the lighting to the side.
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