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Alligator busts out of glass enclosure

Alligator attacked children in zoo
Av: Hanne Dankertsen 25. jul 11:13

An alligator went berserk and broke the glass cage in a Swedish zoo, only inches from children sitting in their pushchairs.

If it had not been for a man who managed to scare the alligator away using a bench, things might have gone terribly wrong.
The Swedish family, who visited the zoo in Öland, Sweden, on Thursday, had obviously not expected their day of fun to end in such a drama.

«We had told our daughter Maja about all the animals she would get to see», the 28-year-old mother told Aftonbladet. To give Maja and her baby daughter a better view, the mother placed the pushchairs right at the front of the glass cage.

«We suddenly heard a big bang and the alligator stuck its head out of the cage, no more than 50 centimetres from our daughters», said the mother.

The pushchair was filled with glass splinters. Maja was wounded on her legs and feet and baby Lowa's arm was injured by the glass as well. Many of the zoo visitors panicked.

The alligator was two metres long and female. According to the animal keeper the alligator had been annoyed with a male in the cage and was trying to shake him off.

The animal minder said the alligator was not dangerous:

«We are inside the cage on a daily basis. Sometimes we even swim with them», he said.
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