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I have:

2.1 Leopard Gecko
0.0.1 Redeye Treefrog
1.0 Green Treefrog
1.0 Peacock Treefrog
1.0 Grey Treefrog
0.1 Giant Day Gecko
0.1 Crested Gecko
1.0 Mali Uromastyx
1.0 Cornsnake

For food, supplies, medication, etc... I probably spend around $450 on my herps a year, minimum. However, I am always buying new herps too and am currently saving up my money to buy a greek tortoise, a BCI, a white knee or a red knee tarantula, a giant black african millepede and a super hypo tangerine carrottail baldy leopard gecko. So all of the together costs around $1650 plus the enclosures and heating which is another $300. Herping is a very expensive hobby and you can see why

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