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An idea you may be interested in???

Since becoming an elementary school teacher in 2001 I have put on many reptile presentations to the kids in my school. The children are perhaps the best audience for us herp-lovers to educate. They are un-biased and very willing to listen and absorb the information you give them. I strongly feel that if we are to educate the minds of people today regarding reptiles (I'm including lizards in this, though I don't currentlly own any), it should start with children.
Here are my thoughts...
Call your old elementary school (or one in your area), and ask if they would mind if you gave a reptile presentation to the children on an afternoon, as a volunteer gesture. I know almost every school would jump at the chance... first, it gives the teachers a break, and second, it's an invaluable learning experience. If you haven't given a presentation to children, there are some important things to think about.
1)bring a very docile snake that isn't too intimidating...perhaps an emerald tree boa isn't the best option! haha
2)make sure the children wash their hands after touching the snake
3)make sure the snake isn't one that gets stressed from noise
4)present the rules for observing the snake to the children before taking the snake out of the tank (quiet voices, do not approach unless invited, etc...)
those are just a few. I know many people here already do this, so if that's you, AWESOME. For those that don't, perhaps give it a try. It's not for everyone, but it would really make a difference in a child's life...
Thanks for reading...
Cheers all,
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