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Question bloated blood

Hello to everyone,

I Have a situation that any advice towards would be greatly appreciated. I offered a large live rat to one of my male bloods, which had been purchased for another snake of larger girth, who after a week was still uninterested (mistake #1). This was the first live animal the blood had contact with, he attacked it instantly and managed to consume it despit its being nearly twice his girth (mistake #2).

The day after I found him severly bloated, I can't imagine his skin able to stretch any further, his diameter has increased far beyand that after initial completion of this meal. I'm very concerned for his health, and have manually atempetted to 'de-gas' him with some success (mistake #3?). He is one year old, about .3 Kg normally.


Sincerely & respectfully,
Andre in Brampton
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