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Well, I work at a pet shop and am now head of reptiles. HOWEVER, I do know that my store does NOT get their snakes from a breeder. I think we get it, literally, from a guy in a truck that comes to the back of the store.

However, in defense, these animals do get the best treatment we can possibly give them (thanks to me ). So, if you're not a hobbyist and a novice, I think pet stores are fine for haing a PET. If you want a high quality herp to support your herping hobby, go to the high quality breeders.

And I also take the time, hours if necessary, to educate every one of my customers on all the needed requirements.

So, to state my opinion. If you're looking for a family pet in a reptile, if you don't care about its origins or any of the bloodline things. Pet stores are fine as long as you're educated. If you're a hobbyist and want high quality reptiles with more information as to where they came from, you go to a breeder.

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