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Actually there is another acception to the Environmental Laws, I was looking into them when I wanted to keep a pet bat! lol

If you go to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website, they state that ONE animal may be kept. Mostly for learning purposes or say if you have a child, as a learning experience for him or her.

This however, does not include mammals. Only reptiles and amphibians.

Also, watch out for the protected species in Ontario:

There it states that "Provincial legislation affects species native to Ontario only. Most are protected and cannot be captured, kept, bred, bought or sold without a licence issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources. (By “capture” I mean catch and take home, not catch, photograph and release.) Those that are not protected may be kept, bred and bought or sold legally, so long as they were legally acquired, but may not be taken from the wild without a small-game hunting licence."

However, as I said before, the only loophole with that is that you may keep ONE of these for educational purposes...I would quote it, but the MNR page seems to be down at the moment...

Personally, I don't think it's right to take an animal from the wild unless it's in the interest of preserving a species by breeding and reintroduction into the wild; saving it from an extinction that we most likely caused.

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