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In all the rest of my posts, I forgot to mention that Geddon has always gotten up at 5:30 AM exactly. Even during the time changes, Geddon would start howling at 5:30!

I'm so glad to hear that you have talked with a trainer! And it sounds like you are on the road to being the Alpha around your house.

Do you happen to have a "choke chain" for him when he is on the leash? If not, that would probably be a big help. Read up on the correct way to use it first! Another thing you may want to try is to leave the leash on him and let him run around the house with it ~ not with a choke chain though!!! That way he will get used to having a leash on. When he starts to get older and stronger and starts pretending that you are a snow sled, you may want to try a "pinch" collar. They look barbaric (sp?), but if used correctly it will be your best friend!!!

Hurry up with that picture!
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