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I would recommend NOT switching to gerbils. They are one of the last things you should resort to, as once your BP gets a taste of gerbils it will most likely NOT want to switch back to rats or mice. You've mentioned that he's fed on mice so I would stick to offering him mice (or swtiching to rats if he will). Do you have adequate hiding spots places at sefveral area of the cage? Are your temps ok (78/80 - 90/92)? If all these are fine, then he may just be fussy, or simply not hungry. He's not being cute or lazy, he jsut doestn want to eat. Ever seen pics of a snake that is chewed all over by a rodent? Well, the snake was behaving like your was in those situations and the person left the rodent in there. Anyways, unless your snake is drastically losing weight I wouldnt get too worried. These guys can go months and months. Just as long as everything else is relatively normal he should be fine.
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