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HEY! another update!

MY puppys great!!!!!. It hasnt pooed in the house for about 3 days!!!!!!!! Its making it clear when it has to go!!!!.. SNIFFS around like carzy!!!!!...But peeing cant say too much he peed last night while I was asleep n once more the day b4..But thats alot better then the first day...LOL>......!!!....But hes learning very FAST!!!..

What i found out from the breeder WAS U MUST me rough n tough with them.....U have to show em ur the pack leader!!...i tried that n IT worked like a charm!!...A grap by the scruff n a shake n a Pin down n a YELL work wonders......HE just makes whines n goes to sleep right after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its hard doing this to a puppy but I think its for the best!!!!!...As for ppl that have Dogs like Labs dont say its wrong!!!!!....!!!!LOL!....A Huskys needs it!!LOL
so far, so good guys......BUt he has an annoying habbit of starting his day at 5:30AM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to change his Times around!..ANY IDEAs?????

N any hints on getting him leach trained??..He just stops n sits down if i try to make him follow me...N a yank of the leach ist working at all

N i think he already knows What "no " means!!!!1
WOW., !!!!!!!!
I will be getting a DIGI cam real soon...n Ill post a pic!

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