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Ok guys I have a e-mail I wrote and I would like some feedback on it before i send it...

To whom it may concern,

I was just recently reading my e-mail and ran across one from the Chicago Herpetological Society's mailing list. In this email it stated that there has been a proposal for banning reptiles. I was wondering how I would go about getting information on potential ban as I am a reptile owner and would be deeply saddened to have to give up my sweet little babies.
I do not understand the reason for this ban. Reptiles can be companion pets just as dogs and cats and are, in my opinion, less dangerous. One hears more in the news about dog bites or attacks than reptile ones. I do agree that crocodilians and large snakes can be dangerous and these are already banned under the dangerous creatures act, I believe. Smaller lizards, however, like the Leopard Gecko or a Chinese Water Dragons can not kill a human or even a cat for that matter. The Leopard gecko does not even grow to be a foot long and a Water Dragon rarely gets to be 2.5' long and 75% of that is a long tail. I own both of these types of lizards and love them just as I love my other furry friends. I do not see animals as pets but rather as friends and children. They come into our lives and teach us responsibility and how to care and love.
I am also not writing just on my behalf but on that of all reptile owners or potential owners that do not know of this proposal. I am especially concerned about my 6 year old nephew who, if this ban was passed, would have to give up his little red eared slider (turtle) that he got for his birthday this passed June. He has fallen in love with the turtle that he has affectionately named Joe and it would break his heart to have to get rid of him.
I would also like to know what would happen to reptiles if this ban was passed. Would they be destroyed or offered for adoption in other places like Burbank, Evergreen Park, or other such suburbs that do not have a ban? Please also take into consideration the fact that some people will “dump” or release their reptiles into the streets or local preserves in an attempt to “save” them or get away from fines or legal action due to this proposal.
With proper care and husbandry reptiles are like our fuzzy friends and are not dangerous nor do they make people sick. I thank you for your time and would appreciate some details on this proposal as it does directly affect me and people I care about.

Erika (last name)
Chicago, IL (zip code)

What do you think? Should I send it and do you think one of them will respond?
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