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catch 22 topic

A lot of people here voice that you shouldn’t buy a herps from a “pet shop” that it should come from a “breeder.” Who technically supplies the pet shops? Not breeders?

Also, if the "pet shops" are lacking info themselves, not meeting concerns, and no one should buy herps from there, then what sort of deal are those herps getting being stuck in a horrible home?

Which is worse, an uneducated person buying a herp form a pet shop, or a pet shop keeping a herp that they don’t have knowledge on either?

I now that this is a catch 22, but I’m curious to hear you opinions on it.

*Note for the record-- I am not saying that all pet shops are bad, just like I'm not saying all breeders are good (there are exceptions to everything)- so please don't get all huffy puffy at me. I hope you understand my initial question.
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