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Talking feeding trouble (read its funny ;p)

My BP did his best shed ever this morning (really beautifull! one piece with a bright color!) and he did his yellow and brown poop. I noticed that he was skinny a bit. I feed him 3-4 mice in a row and he his normally a little fat after but you know, im about to switch to rats soon.

This afternoon, I took a really fat pregnant mice and I ofered her to my snake. I killed it and I put her in the cage with the bp. He moved to it pretty fast as usual in a menacing behavior and then, he smelled it, licked it and gently moved onto her to sleep on it?!?! Lazy snake! (huhu, I was mad lol)..

I took another pregnant mouse and I put her live in the tank. She moved a bit and started to calm down..then my BP did his usual hunting move and he licked her (remember, the mice is alive), the mouse answered by a couple of kiss and she calmed down and sleeped on the side of my snake?!?!? My snake coiled in a ball ( not a tight one) for his "afternoon sleeping". I was shock! I took the mice by the tail with my fingers and I jangled it in front of the snake mouth: nothing lol, he would just lick her..

question 1 : Is my bp a wuss?
question 2 : What do I need to expect if he stop eating?
question 3 : Anybody other than me got a lazy snake?

Thanx for your help lol

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