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reptile bans

Wow, the more posts I read the scarrier it gets, seems these bans are popping up everywhere. I agree the politicians and the general public that aren't herp owners are a big part of the problem because of ignorance and predjudice. Sadly, there are more than a few grossly irresponsible herp owners who have only added fuel to the fire, or possibley created the problem in the first place. People who buy on impulse because something looks cool or mean or they feel will give them status without doing any research first then give them up, let them languish away without proper care, or let them go outside because they get bored or don't want to spend the money for proper care are a HUGE part of the problem. This is not unique to herps. It happens with dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, just about any pet animal there is. Yet you don't hear of people wanting a ban on cats or dogs or most other animals. Instead spaying/neutering and education are promoted. But reptiles aren't furry and cute so it's much harder to find advocates for them. I think if pet stores and breeders can come up with a system of educating and perhaps even screening/licencing potential owners, it would do away with alot of the impulse buyers and irresponsible people. It is a tall order and will cut into profit margins , but in the long run will be better for both the herps and the hobbyists. Thanks for listening.
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