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They would have to grandfather the people that already posses them, and special task forces set up to enforce this. Some isolated cases of monkey pox from some damn prarie dogs, is ruining our entire hobby in one swoop.

Maybe now when I go on a rant about something or someone acting stupid or saying something stupid, you will know where it is coming from. Unfortunately in the publics eye, owning/possesing herps is a very odd and un-necessary privledge. Well now they are desiding to revoke that privledge. The acts of a few bad eggs ruin it for all the responsible keepers. people dumping Boas in the forest preserve, leaving pet alligators un supervised in front of their house, c/b turtles dumped into ponds and lakes where they don't belong, people taking out their 15' Burm out in public to get macho looks and intimidate the neighborhood, people that say their snake will eat their cat for dinner, are all people you can thank for this.
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