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Holy geez that's awful. Boas and corns. Yikes Anyways... snakes are solitary animals, they only come together in the wild to breed. By forcing them to live together they can cause undue stress which may lead to behavioural problems and feeding problems. If one snakes defecates or regurges, you won't know which one it came from - it's impossible to monitor each snake individually. If one gets sick, another may get sick, and when housing different species together from different geographic locatoins, it is an increased concern, as they each have their own unique host specific bacteria and tolerances, which can make others very sick. Although that may not be a concern as I do believe they can be found in the same environments, but nonetheless it doesn't make it any better an idea. I'm not sure if Bullsnakes are indeed cannabilistic, but its better not to try that out. And even if you made the decision to disregard everything thats been said in this thread and decided to hosue them together anyways, you would still need to quarantine the new addition for at least 6 months prior to housing it near any of your established collection. If all above, snakes must be matched in size, if you have animals that are inequal in size, one may be injured, possibly fatally. Please pass these points on to those people you speak about that house corns and boas together
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