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Question Internal and external parasite treatment

Hi everyone, many know how I have been searching for mangrove snakes (boiga dendrophila ssp) for like forever, anyways I think I MIGHT have found some and since they are wc I want to treat them for internal and external parasites to reduce risk to my collection. I figured since is like my fav place, that I would ask my questions here, since asking on ks is like throwing yourself to the wolves.

I have alot of questions, here it goes:
I have heard of using a product called Nix (spelling?) but I don't know what it is or where I can purchase it.
What it is?
Where it can be found?
How to mix properly?
How to use properly?
Procedure to follow?
Is this product good for mites and ticks?
How do I treat internal parasites?
I have never had to treat them by myself before, I had my vet do it once when I thought one of my snakes may have had them and I don't trust vets with my snakes since they usually have no idea what they are doing.

Product to use?
Where to get it?
How to use properly?
Procedure to follow?
Are there are signs I should look for that would suggest internal parasitism?

Sorry for all the questions I just want to do this right the first time. I have been looking for these snakes for years and I want to have them healthy and happy.

Also, even tho I prefer to do all vet procedures by myself, there are some that I cannot currently handle such as surgical procedures, I haven't the experience nor the equipment to do these.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows an EXCELLENT herp vet within Ontario? Someone who has lots of experience and an excellent reputation. My last vet injured my snake when he ignored my pleas to hold her properly 3 years ago. Haven't brought any herps to him since.

Thanks everyone!

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